A list and short description of famous explorers in africa

Livingstone was ill and tired but he kept on his journey. The crew hunted seals for meat and even ate the dogs when meat was in shortage.

This effectively opened up the colonial race between Spain, England, France, and Portugal. The commercial results of this settlement were scarce and, again, most of the settlers died. But inthe king decided to sell these bases to the Netherlands for 7, ducats and 12 slaves, six of them chained with pure gold chains.

Dutch[ edit ] Beginning in the 17th century, the Netherlands began exploring and colonizing Africa. Livingstone, I presume"started again for Zanzibar in From it was A list and short description of famous explorers in africa part of the territory of Denmark.

Why He is Awesome Well, for starters, he did circumnavigate the globe. Circumnavigating the world the 2nd time English Vice Admiral Sir Francis Drake is known for several exploits during his time. Why He is Awesome Captain James Cook was very gifted in navigation and made accurate longitude tables.

The survivors managed their way back. Second circumnavigation of the Earth Sir Francis Drake of England led the second successful circumnavigation of the globe. This unsentimental ruthless focus was the factor why Amundsen won the race. Southern Morocco, the Sahara and the Sudan were traversed in many directions between and by Georg Schweinfurth and Gustav Nachtigal.

He was motivated by stories of riches in the region and after three attempts he successfully conquered the area. Neil Armstrong Famous For: It must be noted that Cortes used his own money for the expeditions he undertook, leaving him heavily in debt.

Famous Portuguese explorer known for being the first European to sail to India Laika died, but Abe and Baker were the first monkeys to survive spaceflight, paving the way for manned spaceflight. This was effectively carried out by Vasco, and he was given his own fleet. The city of Zanzibaron the island of that name, rapidly attained importance.

This was almost an impossible task as the Church believed that the Earth was flat. Ericson is the first European to set foot on North America, even before Christopher Columbus who did it years after Leif had done so. He also helped map out the areas of New England and Chesapeake Bay. When he did make it to Mecca, he did not turn back and go home.

While the Dutch were waging a long war of independence against Spain, Portugal had temporarily united with Spain, starting in and ending in He went to the court of Zamorin, who was the ruling king at that time.

Laika, the dog, and the monkeys Abe and Baker were the first animals to travel to space. Lacking supplies, they turned around with the conviction that the far end of Africa had finally been reached.

This remains to be the only blot in his otherwise illustrious career. He then took a leave without permission and went with the same request to King Charles, who was the ruling king of Spain.

Fitting qualities of an explorer! Columbus knew that the Earth was spherical, but still managed to convince the church to fund his expedition. He is also famous for developing the Aqua-Lung. His journeys through Asia lasted over 24 years and it is said that his story later inspired Christopher Columbus and many others.

Along the Kafue RiverBurnham saw many similarities to copper deposits he had worked in the United States, and he encountered native peoples wearing copper bracelets. This impressed the Admiralty, and he was given permission to sail in uncharted waters of the Pacific Ocean in search for new land.

It becomes even more fearsome if it is uncharted, and you are the first person over there. But the Portuguese wanted, above anything else, to find a route to India and kept trying to circumnavigate Africa. Park had returned home to London where became famous on his publications of his voyage across Africa.

Christopher Columbus had tried reaching Asia, but could not do so due to navigational errors, but Vasco accomplished this. This was a historic occasion because he was the first one to find a sea link from Europe to India.

Roald Amundsen — Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer and a key figure in the heroic age of Antarctic exploration.Known For: Led expeditions to the Middle East, East Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia Zheng He was a great Chinese explorer, admiral, mariner and diplomat who led expeditions all across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Famous British explorer who led three voyages to the Pacific. He is known for exploring and charting many islands in the ocean such as Polynesia, New Zealand, The Hawaiian Islands, and the eastern coast of Australia ().

The geography of North Africa has been reasonably well known among Europeans since classical antiquity in Greco-Roman geography.

Famous Explorers of Africa

Northwest Africa (the Maghreb) was known as either Libya or Africa, while Egypt was considered part of Asia. A List and Short Description of Famous Explorers in Africa PAGES 2.

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A list and short description of famous explorers in africa
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