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The orange grip has a nice look. This piece has early brass fittings. The crossguard to scabbard fit is not as perfect as I would like to see so it is possible that the scabbard was switched at some point.

The Pioneer Engineer Style Hilt has a rounded beak on the pommel left side and also has a much shorter and rounded quillon when compared to a regular dress bayonet.

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This is a good looking piece with early nickel plated brass fittings. The NSKK Mann was not the best at painting as the scabbard has a fair amount of spidering but a good look at any rate. The reverse of the bayonet quillon is marked "S. All of the fittings are nickel. This is a decent example showing honest wear and in good collectible condition.

If you look closely near the scabbard fittings you can see the original brown anodizing under the black overpaint.

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Nice example with plated-fittings and painted scabbard overall excellent condition with a bright blade having all the cross-graining with some spotting. The scabbard fittings are the nickel plated steel type and are in excellent condition.

The fittings are the plated RZM style. You can see an identical dagger in the Wittmann SS Book on page The grip has a small chip at the top by the pommel. This piece measures The blade is bright but does show some age. This piece has all early nickel fittings as is correct for this code as the piece was made in and is still Ac505 project b early quality piece and not the later quality associated with RZM examples.

The blade has some light spotting and scabbard runner marks in areas but is still in excellent plus condition. The blade has light sharpening from the era and the motto is clearly visible with the grips and HJ diamond being in good condition as is the scabbard which has the original paint with this being a nice solid example.

Good looking transitional Hitler Youth Knife with the blade showing sharpening and having been re-tipped. The blade is very nice having most of the crossgraining present but showing some spotting here and there and I would rate it 7 on a scale of one to ten.Freu dich drauf!

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AC Capital Budgeting problem Data: Cost of new equipment $, Expected life of equipment in years 5 Disposal value in 5 years $40, Life production - number of cans 5, Annual production or purchase needs 1, Number of workers needed 3 Annual hours to be worked per employee.

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The items in this section are no longer available but this section has been created as a. View Notes - Course Project B - AC from AC AC at DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management.

PROJECT B - Capital Budgeting Decision Student Name: Clark Paints: The production97%(34).

Ac505 project b
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