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The Outsiders

Ponyboy leaves and finds Johnny, and they decide to go to the park. After an argument with his older brother, Ponyboy and his friend Johnny run to a nearby park, where they are attacked by a carload of Socs, angry at the greasers for picking up their girls earlier that evening.

He sees that Darry was just being overprotective when he yelled at him. The Greasers win the rumble, but Ponyboy has little to celebrate after Johnny dies.

Helps students keep track of characters and provides definitions for new words—and so much more! He is the pet of the group. Loyalty is a cardinal gang rule, and the rumble at the end of the novel is only a particularly violent and ritualistic enactment of this value. They leave the church where they were hiding, but turn back after it catches on fire, trapping a group of children inside.

Later, Dally calls to say that he has robbed a grocery store and is avoiding the police, who later kill him. Racked with guilt, Johnny decides to turn himself in to the police.

Dally is one of the oldest, and certainly the toughest.

The Outsiders Summary

Violence Storylines revolve around fighting and s gang violence. When Dallas comes to find them, they tell him they want to turn themselves in.

Some of the teen characters appear and act drunk. Armed robbery, gun to the face of the clerk, who fires his own gun at the assailant as he makes his escape; this same assailant dies of gunshot wounds when surrounded by the police.

After the rumble, Dally and Ponyboy go to see Johnny, who dies, telling Pony never to lose his spirit. Teen characters struggle amid tremendous obstacles: Occasional profanity includes "damn," "son of a bitch," "bastards," and "wiseass," and expect to see the middle-finger gesture.

Students decode thought-provoking quotations from the story! Later that night, Ponyboy comes in late and gets into such a fight with Darry that he runs to the park with Johnny just to get away from the house. Tension escalates after the Socs catch Ponyboy and his friend, Johnny, escorting two Soc girls home from the movies.

My ThemeQuotes games are the only games that link famous, value-promoting quotations to the themes of the books you teach! He seems to enjoy being a criminal. Helps prepare students for reading the book! Positive Messages Through their experiences, some of the characters begin to question, and in some ways reject, the shallow divisiveness of high school cliques.

Characters drink, smoke, get in fights, harass schoolchildren, use knives and guns, and commit murder.

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When director Coppola made the film of The Outsiders inhe took the same respectful attitude toward the work as the adolescents from Fresno, California, who had written urging him to translate the book to film, and the film plays like an adolescent fantasy.

There are a number of literary allusions for a work this short: Dally runs out of the hospital and Ponyboy goes home. Stay up to date on new reviews.

Dally is overwhelmed, and runs out of the hospital. After the trial, however, when the judge decides that Ponyboy did nothing wrong, Pony begins to admit to himself that Dally and Johnny are both dead. In the brief denouement, Ponyboy thinks of the hundreds of greasers like himself who are misunderstood and decides that someone should tell their story: Use with Bookmarks Plus and the word Prereading Vocabulary Crossword to reinforce meanings of new words!

The action in this short novel is, as in most young adult fiction, simple and straightforward and covers only a few days. Working with this brotherhood idea is the more important theme of eliminating prejudice.

He is very serious, works most of the time, and is very hard on Ponyboy. When he wakes up, he is next to a body. A "greaser" teen asks a teen girl with red hair, in so many words, if her pubic hair is the same color.A deceptively simple story, The Outsiders is a fairly complex novel and one with a number of thematic strains and literary devices.

When director Coppola made the film of The Outsiders inhe took the same respectful attitude toward the work as the adolescents from Fresno, California, who had written urging him to translate the book to film, and the film plays like an adolescent fantasy.

Oct 05,  · S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders--Book Trailer - Duration: Children's book read aloud. More kids stories over at the Storytime Castle channel Mr.

Lovato Book Report - Reuben Patoc. These free notes also contain Quotes and Themes & Topics on The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. The Outsiders Plot Summary Ponyboy Curtis and his brothers, Sodapop and Darry, belong to a group of poor teenage boys called greasers.

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total results. An Analysis of the Book "The Outsiders" By S.E. Hinton.

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1, words. 3 pages. An Analysis of the Movie The Outsiders Starring C. Thomas Howell and Patrick Swayze. words. 1 page. A Book Report on The Outsiders by. It was 35 years ago, in Marchthat "The Outsiders" opened in movie theaters nationwide, taking Tulsa author S.E. Hinton's creation from classic novel to a.

The quiz is about the book the Outsiders.

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Book report over the outsiders
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