Conserve petrol and diesel

Get to know the timing of your local traffic lights. That is why it is necessary not to over load your vehicle. Our free What Fuel? Tim Alcock of LeaseVan. Also, when the light turn greens, avoid accelerating too fast.

Without crop rotation, the nutrients of soil are not put back which may result in soil erosion.

Fuel prices RISE - Ten ways you can conserve petrol and diesel on the roads

After filling petrol or diesel check the lid for properly closed or not. Maintain a steady speed Unintentional dips in speed and sudden bursts of acceleration to keep pace take a toll on your tank — and your wallet.

The excess use of fertilizers can result in soil erosion and can lead to land pollution. Biodiesel is a renewable energy source unlike other petroleum products that will vanish in years to come. Avoid using the air-conditioner whenever possible. By doing so, you need not return back for the search of destination.

Some scientists believe that producing one gallon of biofuel needs energy equivalent to several gallons of petroleum fuel. Previous thinking about diesels being less refined and cheaper to run has become outdated, as technology cuts the difference between the two fuels.

That is why if it is already cool, it will use less of your fuel and your fuel can be used efficiently. In short, not all biofuel crops are same as amount of vegetable oil may vary. Biodiesel produce less toxic pollutants than other petroleum products.

You must shift gears carefully and according to the desired speed. Slow down, take your foot off the gas or brake, and allow your truck to slow down naturally until the light turns green.

21 tips to save on petrol

Instead of pollution taxes, councils will be urged to improve the flow of traffic with measures such as removing speed bumps to prevent cars repeatedly slowing down and speeding up, which almost doubles the amount of harmful gases they pump out.

So, it is the responsibility of each and every individuals of a country to conserve petrol and other fuel. Car magazine warned that electric cars are currently more expensive and less practical. When the oil is extracted and converted to fuel using chemical process, the result can vary in ability to produce power.

Do away with aggressive driving. Since it is made from animal and vegetable fat, it can be produced on demand and also causes less pollution than petroleum diesel.

It is therefore safe to handle, store and transport. Rules at traffic signal. I would like to lay few tips for conservation of petrol and diesel.

How To Save Petrol And Diesel?

Time to time check for adulteration of kerosene in petrol. The other alternative is carpooling if you have to travel long distances. If they cut down warm-up times, shut the engine down when not rolling, and practice better idling habits, it can save on fuel and money.

So the next time you are planning to take a road trip, carry only the required things and do not overload. This will cause less strain on your engine.

What is Biodiesel?

Avoid sudden acceleration and do not apply the brakes frequently. However the AA warned that the National Grid would be under pressure to "cope with a mass switch-on after the evening rush hour", while Which?

Be on the lookout for anyone going to the same work place or same school where your child is studying. This also results in loss of fuel. In mixed driving, these filters work fine, but if your driving is mainly town-based, you should think carefully before buying a DPF-equipped car.May 27,  · Watch video · Fuel prices RISE - Ten ways you can conserve petrol and diesel on the roads DRIVERS are being advised of the ways they could drive more economically to conserve expensive ultimedescente.coms: 3.

diesel by CNG, lower price of diesel as compared to CNG etc. Feasibility of Ethanol/Mothanol as automotive fuel It has been established that 3% of methanol and 5% of ethanol can be blended. Conserve Petrol And Diesel. Let's start with the basics.

Aside from additives such as ethanol, which is made from corn, the gasoline and diesel fuel commonly used today derive from the same source--crude oil.

Do I choose petrol or diesel?

Although they share the same parentage (just like motor oil, some plastics, and Velveeta), they have very different properties. Oct 10,  · 1. Drive smoothly. Avoid sudden acceleration and do not apply the brakes frequently. This not only keeps the vehicle in good condition, it also helps you save fuel.

How to save Petrol and Diesel for longer use.

Cut your speed, cut your petrol bill

We all know that the reserve of the fossil fuel is diminishing day by day. Everyday million litres of crude oil pumped out from the oil wells. If you have been in the transportation industry for any amount of time you know gasoline and diesel prices are like an unpredictable roller coaster.

Conserve petrol and diesel
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