Define antithesis figure of speech

figure of speech

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis and Dialectic In dialectics any formal system of reasoning that arrives at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments antithesis is the juxtaposition of contrasting ideas, usually in a balanced way. Use of an obsolete, archaic word a word used in olden language, e.

It brings humor in an expression. Asking a question as a way of asserting something. Hyperbole uses extreme exaggeration. Word that imitates a real sound e. Two ordinary associated words are detached. Insertion of a parenthetical entry apostrophe: Another word for paralipsis procatalepsis: Pompous speech with a ludicrously mundane worded anti-climax burlesque metaphor: Abraham LincolnThe Gettysburg Address Words that are intentionally scattered to create perplexment synesis: Immediate and emphatic self-correction, often following a slip of the tongue encomium: Words we write identically but which have a differing meaning homoioteleuton: As a literary device, antithesis makes contrasts in order to examine pros and cons of a subject under discussion, and helps to bring forth judgment on that particular subject.

A sort of amplification and accumulation in which specific aspects are added up to make a point epicrisis: Using a word through confusion with a word that sounds similar meiosis: Rhetorical question displaying disapproval or debunks epitrope: Refuting anticipated objections as part of the main argument proslepsis: Repetition of a single word, with no other words in between half rhyme: A parenthetical entry paroemion: An amusing, overstated or grotesque comparison or example.


Another type involves a chiasmus AB, BA word orderin which the contrasted words switch places: Punin which similar-sounding words but words having a different meaning are used pathetic fallacy: The using of one verb for two or more actions Tropes[ edit ] accismus: Drawing attention to something while pretending to pass it over paronomasia: He who desires peace, should prepare for war.

Use of exaggerated terms for emphasis hypocatastasis: A synonym for parallelism [14] sibilance: Talking around a topic by substituting or adding words, as in euphemism or periphrasis congeries: The use of more words than is necessary for clear expression praeteritio: Asking a question which already has the answer hidden in it.


I came not to bring peace but a sword. Switching place of syllables within two words in a sentence yielding amusement superlative:A figure of speech or rhetorical figure is figurative language in the form of a single word or phrase.

It can be a special repetition, arrangement or omission of words with literal meaning, or a phrase with a specialized meaning not based on the literal meaning of the words. antithesis: Juxtaposition of opposing or contrasting ideas.

Figure of speech

An antithesis as a figure of speech at the sentence level builds on these powerful natural pairs, the use of one in the first half of the figure creating the expectation of its verbal partner in the second half.".

Antithesis (Greek for "setting opposite", from ἀντί "against" and θέσις "placing") is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned proposition, or when two opposites are introduced together for contrasting effect.

Figure of Speech

Antithesis can be defined as "a figure of speech involving a seeming. What is antithesis? Antithesis is a figure of speech which refers to the juxtaposition of opposing or contrasting ideas. It involves the bringing out of a contrast in the ideas by an obvious contrast in the words, clauses, or sentences, within a.

Mar 11,  · The word antithesis is a figure of speech wherein two seemingly contrasted ideas are put together in a single statement using parallel grammatical structure.

It may be a contrast of ideas, words. A figure of speech is a phrase or word having different meanings than its literal meanings. It conveys meaning by identifying or comparing one thing to another, which has connotation or meaning familiar to the audience.

Define antithesis figure of speech
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