Essay comparing education system

The previous two sections of the essay have compared and contrasted the education system in China and America. In contrast, SAT is able to reflect values of people and make these people have an opportunity to give the best of them.

At the same time, in America on a cold winter morning, almost of children live at home because they have assignments or part-time job like delivering newspapers, while Chinese students just focus on their homework. In America, the totally score of SAT is two thousand and four hundred.

In contrast, students who attend school in America are free to choose field of study they wish when they reach a certain age. The main areas of the education system that will be discussed are student life and examinations. Chinese students also have no choice in selecting their subjects; Essay comparing education system must study programs which are determined by the Chinese Education Department or the superiors of their school.

Student life The following sections will describe, compare and contrast methods of assessment in both China and America. Following factors of student life will be examined; composition of study hours, student homework, family pressure, subject choice as well as school rules and regulations.

The Comparison and Contrast of Education Systems Between China and America

In fact, the two systems between China and America have an accidental similarity on this point. In china, the education is divided into three categories: The survey also claimed that the majority of children spend longer hours at school than their parents spend at work, and in America, students just stay in school and concentrate on their study between 7: In regards to the point system, in China, points and overall score are more important than American.

Although some parts of the education system are the same in China and America, they have a lot of differences; therefore, this paper will illustrate the some major differences between the two systems.

Section two describes the similarities and differences between kinds of examination between the two nations, including; full name, date of establishment, goal, point system, structure and official opinions. And if students want to attend to a good college via usual channels, they only get a high score from Gao Kao.

Examinations The other section is about differences and similarities of examination between China and America. In China, students must pay attention to their homework on the average 4 or more hours and they should review the knowledge from classes by spending their leisure time; students in America, however, have it easier than Chinese students, and they just use the part of their free time, 2 or 4 hours to complete the homework and spend the rest of the time to improve themselves.

In contrast, American students are freer in class.Comparing Three Philosophies of Education Essay - Comparing Three Philosophies of Education What is education.

Education can be defined in one of four ways: 1.

Every modern country has a state run education system, which carries children in to there mid to late teens. The systems around the world are all quite similar, focusing on writing. Compare and Contrast the Education System between the United essaysIn the first eighteen years in my life, I stayed in Hong Kong and studied in Hong Kong.

Last year, I made a decision of going to the United States to pursue a better education. After I came to the US, I realize that there are some d. Free american education system papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for " - Education Synthesis Essay The educational system differs throughout the world; its viewed and taught differently because of cultural differences.

Many cultures view education as a necessity of life therefore family. The Comparison and Contrast of Education Systems between China and America The following essay will compare and contrast the education systems between China and America.

The term "Education System" can be defined as” The system of formalized transmission of knowledge and values operating within a given society (Trade Chakra Website. View Essay - Compare and Contrast Essay on American vs Indian Education from ENGLISH English 11 at Avondale High School, Auburn Hills.

Rajam 1 Anush Rajam Education: America vs India What is70%(10). Essay nasıl yazılır thesis statement Essay comparing education system. In this chapter suggests methods which involves an intensive comparing essay education system enough learning environment for teaching music in part b.

Essay comparing education system
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