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It is necessary to discuss these two sets of problems separately. The two meanings of the term species. Even though this was virtually the universal concept of species, there were a number of prophetic spirits who, in their writings, foreshadowed a different species concept, later designated as the biological species concept BSC.

This was already done by Linnaeus when he synonymized the names he had given to the female mallard and the immature goshawk. If populations are not reproductively isolated, gene flow between the populations maintains their genetic similarity and they maintain the ability to interbreed, so new species do not form.

Once hybrids have been reported between two such forms, however, their taxonomic treatment is often changed so that they are treated as subspecies of the same species.

Now you have some examples of geographic isolation and can better understand what this concept means and how it exists in the real world. When a piece of land breaks off from a continent, the animals on the piece of land are only able to reproduce with their own populations.


This induced me to revise the definition of isolating mechanisms to "biological properties of individuals which prevent the interbreeding [fusion] of populations" The species category is the class that contains all taxa of species rank.

Clandestine hybridization is apparently far more common among plants than among higher animals. When two or more species co-occur, natural hybrids are found. The degrees of sterility do not coincide strictly with the degree of difference between the parents in external structure or habits of life.

I do not see any advantages of this concept over the BSC.

Examples of Geographic Isolation

Their genotype does not require any protection because it is not threatened by destruction through outcrossing. Gamete chromosomes from the two parents are not compatible, so fertilization can not occur even if gametes can fuse.

Let us first examine types of reproductive isolation, because there are quite a few. Genetic changes that affect behaviors that are important in mate selection in some individuals. During the period when the typological species concept was dominant, almost any isolated population that differed by a morphological character was called a different species.

The next question is how, and here the answer is isolating mechanisms and other species-specific attributes.

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There are a number of evolutionary processes that make the delimitation of species taxa from each other and the determination of their rank often very difficult. Behaviorial or Ethological Isolation. A geographically isolated population also has the isolating mechanisms of the species to which it belongs, but they are, so to speak, invisible, since they do not need to be activated.

But I will refrain from entering that discussion. The answer to this question becomes evident when one makes a certain thought experiment.

Or they may occur in the same place at some other time. Over time, the group becomes an entirely different species. It also requires an investigation of the differences that characterize species, genera, indeed the entire tree of life, because these are the phenomena that the theory of evolution seeks to explain.

DNA sequence comparisons can be used to assess relatedness of organisms, and is useful in assigning organisms to species when no other information is available. Allopatric Speciation Allopatric speciation, the most common form of speciation, occurs when populations of a species become geographically isolated.

The biological species concept developed in the second half of the 19th century."Reproductive isolation" is widely considered an essential ingredient in defining the word species, when pre- and postmating isolating mechanisms reduce the reproductive capacity of hybrids and mixed parental pairs, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book III.

Student Essays and Term Papers. Our sample essays and term papers can help you with your own research paper. We have thousands of papers online written by students just. Feb 06,  · The definition of speciation and two mechanisms that cause it: geographic isolation and reproductive isolation.

Speciation is the origin of a new species. Geographic isolation occurs when a population is isolated from other populations of the species by some geographic feature: a river, mountain range, Resolved. Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Depression and Treatment: Antidepressant Medication - Depression is a manageable, medical condition, which is characterized by moods and feelings (Australian Institute of.

Essay on reproductive isolating mechanisms ( words) Reproductive Isolating Mechanisms In the s, Ernst Mayr coined the term Biological Species Concept that was subsequently widely embraced by the scientific community.

Eventually, if reproductive isolation is achieved, it may lead to a separate species. However, reproductive isolation between hybrids and their parents is particularly difficult to achieve and thus hybrid speciation is considered an extremely rare event.

The Mariana mallard is thought to have arisen from hybrid speciation.

Essay on reproductive isolating mechanisms 1500 words
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