Journey to the river sea writing activities

This book is totally amazing best book ever Chloe, Ireland, 17 April I think this book is really good because it sounds and looks really adventures and exciting. Who really is Miss Minton? When she goes and discovers a new boy from westwood.

Fortunately, Maia meets a mysterious boy who seems to live on the river and befriends other people outside the Carter family.

Three Rabbit Publications have other literature units available so please have a look if you are interested. Her only guardian is a lawyer, named Mr. Although Maia is looking forward to the adventures she is going to have, she is a little bit apprehensive. They live on the River Amazon on the outskirts of the city of Manaus.

In total this resource is 93 pages long. On the boat from England, she meets Clovis King, a struggling child actor. Please be aware that the watermark with our name on it is only on the preview it is not on the document itself. When Maia goes and discovers a new boy from Westwood she tries to get away to an new island.

Journey to the River Sea

Each chapter of the novel has a two page chapter study and there are 25 additional worksheet activities to reinforce key concepts.

Before she travels she spends a lot of time researching in the school library and imagining what her exotic new life will be like. Join the site and send us your review! I highly recommend this book to anyone, I would give it 10 out of I look forward to reading it.

In the first chapter of the book, her guardian and lawyer, Mr Murray, arrives at the school to tell her that he has finally located some relatives who will take Maia in. The worksheets have been carefully created to be suitable for a range of student abilities and cover a wide range of higher order thinking skills.

The family have hired a governess called Miss Minton, who will accompany Maia on the long journey by boat to her new home. Click here to see the rest of this review The only reason the Carters took Maia in was her money.

Besides, many reviewers say that the book was amazing, and one even said that it has some romance in it, even more my style! Answers are included for the chapter study worksheets.

But when Hal realises Fleck was only his for the weekend, he sets off on an adventure with the dog The twin girls are spoilt and spiteful and are especially malicious to Maia.

It is a digital copy in PDF format. Cherryblossom13, England, 13 August i liked parts of it but it is not my kind of book i need some thing scary and sad and medium sized writing yomna, england, 30 July I love this book because it is a book alamin, london, 24 June I liked this book because, it has loads of imagination put into it.

They can be adapted to either group tasks or individual work and teachers can easily pick and choose which activities they would like to use. This will hopefully provide a better example of the quality of our work.

It looks like my kind of book. The Carter family clearly do not like the Amazon and try to live an English life in the middle of the rainforest. But it was not to be. She had been orphaned two years earlier when her parents died in a train crash in Egypt.

She feels like staying with the Carters is like a being in prison. These literature units consist of blackline masters photocopiable worksheetsthat you can easily photocopy and use with your students. This was a very original book, the setting, the characters and the plot were all unusual but incredibly engaging.

She and Finn hide him in the hidden lagoon where Finn lives and devise a plan to get Clovis back to England. The story begins with Maia living in London at a boarding school for girls. With our literature units the worksheets have been created for you, all you have to do is photocopy them.

Sharon Rentta All Hal wants for his birthday is a dog and when he is given one he is overjoyed. In reality, Gwendolyn and Beatrice are selfish pigs and hate Maia before they even know her. There was a little romance, action and lots of adventure but still suitable for most ages - from 9 to I also thought that it left you on the end of the cliff.

She imagines that she and the twins will become the best of friends and they will have a wonderful time exploring in the forest and swimming in the river.Journey to the River Sea After seeing Mr. Pink’s vocabulary sheets for pupils with various activities to consolidate understanding: Tier 2 Vocabulary Homework Sheets.

(I’m going to be writing a post about spelling strategies for pupils very soon!) so it puts the onus on cross-curricular strategies rather than variable adaptations.

Read & Respond: Journey to the River Sea by Jillian Powell (author) Enlarge cover. Suitable for 7 - 11 years.

Journey to the River Sea Book Summary and Study Guide

This resource book brings you a wealth of inspiring activities, speaking and listening activities, writing projects and creative ideas – all from a bestselling, tried-and-trusted series that’s a firm favourite with teachers. activities, so that the rest of the class is able to work independently of the teacher.

It is envisaged that each which the bridge between reading and writing is made – when the pupil has the Journey to the River Sea 8/5/03 am Page 5 Martin Work Disk Journey to the River ƒ: 6 Lesson 4.

Journey to the River Sea 1. Characters Maia Fielding Maia Fielding is an orphan and is the main character of the book. Bright, passionate, adventurous, determined and resourceful, Maia is extremely talented in music and has a great zest for life.

Maia used to live and study in a boarding school in. Journey to the River Sea Book Summary and Study Guide. Eva Ibbotson Booklist Eva Ibbotson Message Board.

Writing Style Amount of dialog - significantly more descript than dialog Books with storylines, themes & endings like Journey to the River Sea.

This is a guide to help you assess and evaluate student understanding of the powerful and popular novel "Journey to the River Sea".

Literature Unit - JOURNEY TO THE RIVER SEA - Eva Ibbotson Novel Study Worksheets

It contains reading quizzes/comprehension checks that measure recall and some interpretation (I use these after assigning homework reading).

Journey to the river sea writing activities
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