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Can any advice or opinion? She defended it excellently. On a personal level, Sean is a terrific person to know and with which to work. I had several troubles with him mainly because his research field and style is different from mine. It is a pleasure to work with Sean. Xxx is an enthusiastic person willing to discuss various subjects in class and express her own point of view.

However xxx has a very reasonable approach to all problems both academic and in life. He seemed very busy, but I was first student of his the only two students, and I know that he is regularly advising and being in discussion with an undergraduate student for his graduation thesis.

He is generous with his knowledge and time. On the whole I know xxx for three years. In a comment I left, I mentioned that my advisor rejected advising me. She always analyzed grammatical rules and linguistic issues before applying them.

Her willingness and determination had a result in the highest marks she obtained. I asked him explicitly if he can write a letter for me, and although he said he will write the paper, many of what he said after this implied bad contents.

In one, he developed polymers for use as active components in optical signal amplifiers for telecommunications applications. The materials that Sean developed are now being evaluated for optical signal amplification and chemical sensing.

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However, I am very worried that it would be very rude and inappropriate behavior to change supervisor due to the worries about a bad master thesis supervisor recommendation letter and within such a short interval before the defense. His investigations led to the systematic development of new organic materials that emitted light in the near-infrared.

Besides, she constantly tried to find a logical explanation to everything rather master thesis supervisor recommendation letter learn by heart. She proved that she van work under the pressure. I am quite certain that I can get a good reference from the faculty to whom I want to transfer.

Xxx helped other students as much as she could. August 30, Sean Graduate Research Advisor Recommendation Letter The text below is a copy of the recommendation letter my graduate research advisor, Dr.

To be specific, he told me that he is very busy so he will not advise me in person but instead he will ask two PDs in the lab for my thesis.

His work required him to master synthetic organic chemistry, polymer synthesis and characterization, and a variety of photophysical spectroscopies, including time-resolved and energy-transfer studies. Xxx also showed the ability to work in a team. Sean excelled in the technical aspects of his labwork, such as synthesis and use of instrumentation.

I gladly confirm that xxx was one the most brilliant students in her group. Before I mention his specific project, let me comment on his general scientific abilities.

The defense is upcoming, indeed is on this Friday. During her studies xxx showed ability to work both in a team and organize the process of the work, and individually.

But I have been seriously considering to changing supervisor and to postpone graduation to the next semester. He quickly gained the respect and admiration of his peers as well as the faculty, both for his scientific creativity and willingness to work with others. Considering his track record to date, as well as my familiarity of his demeanor, creativity, and abilities as a scientist, I am certain that he will continue on his present track to obtain a distinguished career, one that will not simply expand the state of knowledge in his research field, but forge new directions in the future of those endeavors.

Such materials and studies are important in developing organic-based lasers, solar cells, and chemical sensors. He also explained the project I will take on if I change the supervisor to him.

She also participated in a University organised work and showed her great sense of responsibility once more. He also mentioned that evaluation should arise naturally, not in such an artificial way. He is tenacious when it comes to making a reaction work, often departing from the literature methods when it was clear that the standard procedures did not work for his target compounds.

I wholeheartedly recommend xxx to your University. In a similar vein, Sean is not shy when tackling something unfamiliar, often exploring new chemistry or classes of materials that he thought would benefit his projects. If you have any questions concerning xxx, please contact me.

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If I graduate this semester and get a bad recommendation letter next year, even though I got strong ones from other faculties and researchers, will it be a significant weakness in the Ph. Without a doubt, Sean is truly an exceptional scientist. He politely rejected this saying once I graduate from his lab, I and his life should be independent and he shall not care about mine.There’s no way any professor would even entertain a master students profile without a recommendation from a thesis supervisor.

Does this mean a dead-end to a Phd applicants ambitions? I would like to know your thoughts on this. Graduate Research Advisor Recommendation Letter The text below is a copy of the recommendation letter my graduate research advisor, Dr. Aaron W. Harper, wrote for my ASEE/NRL postdoctoral fellowship application, which I was awarded soon afterwards.

May 02,  · Reference Letter/ Recommendation Letter (Sample 1) To whom it may concern, I know Mr. from a master‘s programme course spanning half a semester (which equals 10 credit points in the Swedish system, out of 40 for a full academic year), and from a current master thesis 5/5(1).

Graduate Research Advisor Recommendation Letter

Master thesis supervisor recommendation letter. Master's thesis capital letter a supervisor who is on top of these little issues is invaluable in the long run. i was his main supervisor during the master thesis ‗design.

my case is very similar to that of the poster (csadangi) where the supervisor doesn't care about your health but expects a. The document "Writing Strong Letters of Recommendation" is intended to assist you to write the best possible letters to support your students to be competitive for scholarship suggestions have been integrated from a variety of sources.

Mar 03,  · Letter of Recommendation from Supervisor - expressing support for a student [8] Recommendation letter for a student, for Holland, Media Studies [2] Home / Letters / I was the supervisor for her dissertation; Recommendation letter for graduate studies.

Master thesis supervisor recommendation letter
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