Narrative essay on a journey by train

In passing through a mountainous country, the train at one time runs along a huge viaduct spanning a deep valley, and at another time dives into a dark tunnel bored straight through the middle of an opposing hill. The passengers looked out at the platform.

At last I yielded and lay down on the long cushion. Essays, Paragraphs and Articles.

758 Words Short Essay on A Journey by Train

Discomforts and annoyances have to be encountered on the railway as elsewhere. The signal was down then. Sometimes your eyes are refreshed by the prospect of the boundless sea, or of some great river along the banks of which the railroad passes, or rising gradually by long curves up the sides of high mountains you have a fine view of hill and valley and forest.

The train was delayed at Cuttack Railway station. It was very nice to look at. The loud talks of the people inside the train still came as reminiscence when I remain in a solitary place even today.

Like most of travelers in India, I have had my shares of Train journeys. I had one such experience. Apart from the sightseeing, other things that attracted our sight were the selling of fruits by fruit vendors, the checking of tickets by the ticket examiner inside the train.

Within a short while the beautiful station at Cuttack lay far behind. It meant that the train was out from the nearest station. Just as narratives that take place on planes emphasise our fears and discomfort — of a crash, as in Dear friends of train journey. We heard a sigh of relief after occupying our seats.

Now, the train speeded. Some are so shy and reserved that they will hardly speak when spoken to, while others force their conversation upon reluctant listeners. The situation of passengers making themselves comfortable.

My father purchased an English Daily. Therefore, when my school organised an excursion to New Delhi, our National capital, I was one of the first to join in. I was the last to notice the movement of the train and so the last to run.

This journey by train was very interesting for me. The Railway coolies were moving here and there. We were at the far end of the platform and ran with all speed and might to catch the train.

Then the train started. We reached Guwahati on 9th Dec. So, the train began to slow up and passed the Barang Railway Platform. Other interesting scenes were that of beautiful birds of variegated colours.

Being born and brought up in Meghalaya, a state without railways, I had no opportunity to see a train or to travel in one. Outside the station the rickshaw pullers swarmed around us. The Coromondal Express had to cross our train.

The passengers that came late were being penalised.4 thoughts on “ My Experience Of A Train Journey ” AMIT TIWARI October 15, at pm. VERY NICE, BEST OF LUCK. Reply To This Comment Glad to know this lovely essay by Rounak helped you! Wish you all the best for your speech. Do well 🙂.

Narrative Essays On My First Train Journey. Esguerra, Aya Micaela Q.

Essay on your Journey by Train

English1 Narrative Essay My First on Firsts Never have I ever been the risk-taker type of person. I kept on rationalizing and reasoning out that things should be done according to a valid purpose just to avoid being asked to do them.

And frankly, I found every purpose or. Short Paragraph on A Journey by Train. Category: Essays, We boarded the train and it left Howrah Station just in time. We found that the compartment was full of passengers and piles of luggage with every one of them.

Somehow I managed to stand by the side of a window. Short Essay on Train Journey; A moral story on Honesty. Narrative Essay: The Unforgettable Journey | EdTech & TESOL Narrative essay is a composition based on time sequence. interesting experiences before and during my first journey to Semarang by Tawang Jaya train.

Words Short Essay on A Journey by Train Article shared by When a large mail train is about to start, a railway station is generally a scene of considerable confusion.

Journey by train is now very popular in our country. Most of the people like to have a Railway-journey. Related Articles: Essay on A Railway Journey I have Recently Enjoyed.

Narrative essay on a journey by train
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