Rackspace securities analysis

Technology We actively counteract threats using industry-leading host and network protection, threat intelligence and security analytics, log management and vulnerability scanning technologies.

Rackspace also provides services and guidance on addressing risks identified by the customer. The Cloud Files environment automatically replicates uploaded customer data across multiple zones within a single data center, served by redundant power and networking utilities.

Other employees of Rackspace have been working with the Consultant and with Apollo since early August on cost-cutting options. As a massive array of redundant storage, the actual location and management of data within the Cloud Files environment requires administrative activity by the proxy servers.

Der Vorgang dauerte mehr als 4 Wochen. Therefore, the data is rendered effectively unrecoverable from the instance after a server instance is deleted via control panel or API.

Knowing that our Rackspace team is there to help maintain uptime as well as rapidly detect and respond to any security threats 24x7x is crucial. Process Unlike many other managed security service providers, we not only detect but also rapidly respond to threats — performing appropriate remediation based on pre-approved actions.

Customers can monitor their data activity via logs that can be automatically delivered to their account.

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The Spheres of Responsibility The role of the customer in the configuring their server and consuming the service; both cloud provider and cloud customer must accept responsibility for different aspects of the system and both must implement a range of controls in order to properly secure the service.

As required under the merger agreement, Rackspace management provided information to Apollo to assist Apollo with the development of these potential cost-savings opportunities.

As these images could contain sensitive information, it is important for customers to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the Cloud Files buckets containing the images.

After a few minutes another manager joined. I could tell within the first fifteen minutes of the interview that I was going nowhere with this interview.

A location and account for each file is maintained, and the appropriate tokens supplied by the authentication servers are required before the proxy will serve up any given file.

Each Cloud Server is allocated a volume when it is created and each server is aware of only the storage assigned to it. The original room that was assigned for the interview was already occupied and was not expected to be free.

Our joint policy attests to these commitments. Then collected my files and once again walked around that building for 4 minutes before we could find another room. So your security strategy must include an approach to closing the breach window as quickly as possible — to get the bad guys out before they can cause harm.

Images Rackspace encourages customers to make routine backups of their Cloud Servers environments. Once again the barrage of logical questions started. It is subject to on-going external assessment by our certification body, BSI with a full re-assessment every three years.

So I and the hiring manager walked around that building for nearly 7 minutes before we could find a temporary room. Data Redundancy As Cloud Servers are given pre-allocated physical storage resources upon creation, Rackspace is able to provide data persistence whether your Cloud Server is in an active state or shut down.

Please contact your support team if you have a question or need assistance for any Rackspace products, services, or articles. Rackspace implement controls to manage the risk of compromise on our internal networks, and via the hardware and hypervisor layers responsible for virtualization of your virtual machine instance.

The Cloud Files environment automatically enforces the replication of hosted data. All crazy logical questions.Rackspace management has not subsequently focused on or utilized the analysis of Apollo's consultant and subsequent work by Rackspace has instead focused on the Consultant's activities in order to support Apollo's cost-savings analysis.

The Rackspace board of directors unanimously approved the agreement with the Apollo Funds and recommends that Rackspace stockholders vote in favor of the transaction. Graham Weston, co-founder and chairman of the board of Rackspace, commented, “This transaction is the result of diligent analysis and thoughtful strategic deliberations by our.

Sales: Home Investor Relations Financial Information Quarterly Results. Quarterly Results. Security & Compliance with Data in Rackspace Cloud adambull over 2 years ago Much like the Amazon or Azure cloud, the Rackspace Public cloud is public environment shared by many different users, and this does raise pertinent questions about security.

Rackspace Hosting, Inc.

Security & Compliance with Data in Rackspace Cloud

(Rackspace) operates in the managed cloud segment of the business information technology (IT) market. The Company offers a.

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Rackspace securities analysis
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