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Temperance associations were established in New York and Massachusetts with the help of churches. The temperance movement was organized to reduce the drinking of liquor or total abstinence. Many other religions were infact repressed. People were actually eager to see him, he was infact received by the chuches of Galatia.

There was a huge decline in church membership and the church wanted people The great awakening essay get back to god.

The work of these ministers and preachers paid off because of the satisfactory results. The age of evangelicalism had arrived, with the Protestants and upper middle class women leading the charge, making this one of the most impact reforms in American history.

To create change in such phenomenons, many minsters such as Thomas Foxcroft gave sermons outside. Some effects that remained permanent are government regulation, instruction on alcoholism in schools, study of alcoholism. As well as the understanding of Christian faith and life.

More people came to church for the worship of god from their heart. Hence, asylums, orphanages, prisons, and reformatories were developed.

A major result was the unification of many Americans through religion. His sermons were heard by Benjamin Franklin, who was a worldy man, but his opinion was changed from this preacher.

The passionate sermons of these people led to the revival of religon. Another minister named Jonathan Edwards, gave such passionate sermons that it brought many peoples attention Great Awakening.

He read to his neighbors the sermons of Whitefield and Luther.

The Second Great Awakening

Many non- established groups grew and enjoyed much more respect,such as the Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians Lecture 4. The revival was a response to rapid immigration, industrialization and urbanization. Prison reforms included rehabilitation of criminals attempted to counter the tendency of prisons to create more hardened criminals.

Reformers wanted these people placed in specialized institutions where they could be trained or improved. This helped the colonists fight back against George III and his tyrannical ways.

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George Whitefield, a histronic man with a very loud voice. Another principle leader in the south of the Awakening was Samuel Davies from Virginia.

Inthe Church of English became the primary religion of the country. Methodist and Baptist groups experienced a surge of membership without delaying a move toward laissez-faire and competitiveness on the part of the Anglican, Presbyterian and Congregationalist churches. This spiritual awakening took place from up until These ministers and preachers helped cause the Great Awakening that led to many benificial consequences.

The movement was supported mainly by women who were the most effected by the drinking of their husbands. Work was seen as way to reform criminals. Colonists had infact also figured out that any man can go to heaven.

In fact, they succeeded in getting many liquor laws passed with help from churches and factories who saw poor productivity from drunken workers. However, the earlier places had inhumane living conditions. As their political power grew, they changed from moral persuasion to making the government to control liquor.

Some distinguished figures are Susan B Anthony, Frances e. The Great Awakening had many causes, however the consequences benefitted many.The Great Awakening Dbq. Essay Question: What were the causes of the Great Awakening and to what extent did this intense religious revival affect those who experienced ¡°conversion¡± as well as those who did not?

During Europe¡¯s period of Enlightment fromnew scientific theories and ideas were proposed.

The Great Awakening

Compare and contrast the impact of the Great Awakening and the Englightenment on American colonial life, including a description of the main tenets of each movement.

The Great Awakening was a religious revival movement which originated in Europe and spread throughout England and the American colonies in the middle decades of the. The Second Great Awakening Uploaded by Slickest Nicca on Sep 20, In the late s and s a religious revival called the Second Great Awakening had a strong impact on pre- Civil War American religion and reform.

Great Awakening

The revival was a response to rapid immigration, industrialization and urbanization. The Great Awakening was when religion was sweeping throughout New England with more conversions and church membership.

This spiritual awakening took place from up until (Brief Outline Notes on the Great Awakening, ) Most of this had taken place within the American Colonies, especially New England.(McCormick, pars.

9). The Great Awakening, which found its beginnings inwas the first event to effectively influence all of the British colonies. In recent years religion had become complacent, and many people were going to church, but not really benefitting from the teachings. Great Awakening Essay Details: Write aword essay in which you examine the importance of the Great Awakening and its impact on the church.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

The great awakening essay
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