The impact of privatization and commercailization

The following objectives were identifies by Ananwu etal and Tesse 2.

Privatization and Commercialization Process in Nigeria

A strong committee executive leadership ii. Finally, it will add flesh to great works already done on the subject and will serve as a reference guide to prospective researchers who would like to continue this analysis in the future.

It is obvious that under. What are the factors that hinder the privatization and commercialization to the exercise from achieving its goals. It has stimulated investment and improved capital market awareness both at local and international fronts.

They consumed a large portion of natural resources without discharging the responsibilities thrust upon them Joash, Reduction in government expenditure. Therefore, many countries require restructuring in order to improve efficiency, which can be achieved through privatization and commercialization.

In for instance it was confirmed with the Herbert Macaelory Award for Engineering excellence and a certificate of co-operate excellence. Also, students and those who may require valuable information for further studies will find this study very relevant.

On the other hand, the socialist and many other varieties such as the interventionists argued that unregulated capitalism will always bring about poverty, unemployment and human misery and that there is the need to intervene and to regulate the market.

It become a national policy, imperative therefore to disengage the public sector from those area where the private sector has the comparative advantage to perform, while letting the state concern.

Another major contribution to the worldwide process of privatization and commercialization has been the fall of the communist regime in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

To access how privatization and commercialization policies will increase productive efficiency.


So far, privatization has much positive impact to every economy in as much as privatization programme is well implemented. To examine the institutional framework and regulatory agencies charge with the responsibility of implementing privatization and commercialization policies.

The OLS estimation method has some vary attractive statistical properties which have made it vary popular method of analysis. In fact, this work would add to the ready-made shelf of well-structured publicly research projects which will be a very important tool for prospective investors in the area of privatized and commercialization enterprises in the country.

Development in this sense thus include economic growth plus quantitative change in economic wants, goods, incentive, institutions, productivity ad knowledge or the upward movement of the entire social system.

To determine the economic objectives of the privatization policy in Nigeria. Privatization spread to other continents as Japan and Mexico privatized government owned communication companies.

Full commercialization will lead to the enterprises setting its own prices that can lead to profit making.

Nigerian Economy – Effects Of Privatization And Commercialization Policies

The cost of production is high, the quality of production and services is low the management is corrupt, and since the enterprises is not profit oriented there would seem to be lack of motivation on the part of the management and workers since profit is an incentive to handwork privatization and communalization will lead to competition, and competition brings out the best in entrepreneurship.

The problems of PEs in Nigeria are generally discussed by some analysts under poor physical and financial performance Ajakaiye, ; Ayodele, uganda national ngo forum structural adjustment participatory review initiative (sapri) the privatisation process and its impact on society july Privatization and commercialization of public enterprises is a vital tool for the upliftment of a country’s political economy, more especially the developing countries like Nigeria.

Regrettably, the problems facing this privatization and commercialization program is numerous to include; corruption, lack of transparency, lack of accountability.

IMPACT OF PRIVATIZATION IN NIGERIA CAPITAL MARKET: A Case Study of Nigerian Stock Exchange ABSTRACT The enthusiasm to improve rapid economic growth and development resulted in government involvement in economic activities, believed to be best operated by the private sector, though the creation and establishment of state.

To determine whether privatization and commercialization helps to solve the problem of poor masses. To identify the impact of privatization on the general masses. To determine the impact of privatization on government funding.

To proffer solution to problems associated with privatization and commercialization of government parastatals. AN ANALYSIS OF THE OBJECTIVES AND EFFECTS OF PRIVATISATION ON THE PUBLIC SECTOR AND THE ROLE OF THE STATE IN ZIMBABWE Commissioned by ZIMCODD in collaboration with the Southern Africa Peoples In other sectors, the outsourcing and commercialisation of services in local.

Nigerian Economy – Effects Of Privatization And Commercialization Policies Privatization, a method, of allocating assets and function from the public sector to the private sector, appears to be a factor that could play a serious role in the quest for growth.

The impact of privatization and commercailization
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