The journey to an inevitable death essay

Each step I took, a well-formed drop of sweat dripped from the tip of my nose.

The woman expresses that she is cold, and her gown is not warm enough for the journey. The woman has arrived at her grave, her final resting place. Poems and stories use personification of characters and symbolism to portray death Quinn, Walking wearily up to the turned around boy, the traveler stops I felt the worst experience one could have; at least I should have said good-bye to my family.

Use an editor to spell check essay. It was from one of my military friends, Chen. As my heart sank to the very bottom, I became more convinced that I was dead. Since the fog reduced its thickness, the gate became clearer to me. Bitter from the way he is being treated, the traveler, in a louder and firmer tone, asks one more time.

The traveler, angry and yearning for answers, walks in disbelief to the worn-in beginning of the perilous trail, where a solitary boy is standing. Not wanting to interject himself into the verbal altercation, the traveler, waited quietly for his first chance to inquire about the shirt.

I thought it was my imagination; however as I blinked, the angel was still smiling at me. There is eternal life after death. The simplicity of children playing depicts that death is a part of life.

Death is Inevitable essay

The poem is about a woman and what she goes through on the day she dies. The travelers flash backs now have a face. Death is the end of life; it is sad, depressing, horrifying but inevitable but in the poem it is gentle, warm and kind.

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The traveler asks again but still the clerk shows no interest in him. The sun passes the woman meaning that she is moving away from the bright light of life, and towards darkness, that is death. The horse drawn carriage carries the woman and immortality to her final resting place.

It was a ominous and unpredictable night. The traveler was there looking for something, but exactly what he was looking for was unknown even to him. When I tried so hard to see penetrate the fog, I saw an angel.

Death causes human beings many emotions; fear, depression, apprehension and sadness. The traveler, stunned from what the boy has said, quickly contemplates that the boy is indeed true to his words.

Carrying these menacing thoughts, I stood there staring at the angel. Death in the poem is kind and gentle. You can keep in touch with your writer, check the draft of your paper and send your order for revision for free.

The poem depicts death as a gentleman who is friendly, kind; not sad or depressing.Life is the journey, the inevitable journey, and the experiences thoughout life, the journeys within the journey, are the planned and unplanned experiences that change people and are a huge part of a person’s moral and personal growth.

The death of the man will be in her conscience.

The Journey

The woman in the poem cannot prevent death as she has no control as death is inevitable. The emotions of death through the poem are kind and warm.

Death is inevitable as we have no control over it, it will come, and we shall eventually die.

The Inevitable Death Poetry is a complicated subject. Oftentimes, great poets hide the real meaning of their poems behind a curtain, thus making the intended %(1). DEATH OF THE MOTH In "Death of a Moth" by Virginia Woolf, Woolf compares the wonder of life and death by using a moth as an example of the simplicity of life and death and the need to accept the inevitable, although putting up a fight is an essential part of the process.

Woolf describes a mostly overlooked creature, the moth, as it exists in. The boy at this moment feels the presence of death and turns to face the traveler. Now,with eyes still damp from heart filled tears, the boy stares at the man in front of him and mutters a single word "Father".

Inner Journeys essaysEvery single human being on the planet undertakes a series of journeys throughout their life, people constantly have physical, imaginative and inner journeys until the day they die. These journeys are the basis of human experience in this world and are inevitable, as in every.

The journey to an inevitable death essay
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