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But such blind belief, the offspring of ignorance and illiteracy, often prove catastrophic. The boys attack him and beat heavily and when he is weak they close him in a biscuit tin and bring it before their science teacher.

Within a few minutes his body turned pale and blue. Daily he puts saucer full milk outside the hole near the wall and says: He warned the children that they would have to pay for it one day.

The Mark of Vishnu By Khushwant Singh Summary in English Language

When Gunga Ram realized that the Kala Nag had been captured, he went to the school with a saucer and the jug of milk. He believed that the cobra would not bite anybody in the house as long as he gave it milk.

Within a few minutes he turned pale and blue and froth appeared in his mouth. A 6 feet long cobra lived there. Khushwant Singh weaves a story around the superstition and blind reverence towards the snakes. And therefore, he smears his forehead every morning with V mark sandalwood paste to honour Vishnu.

The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories

Gunga Ram collapsed with his hands covering his face. To him all life was sacred, even if it was a serpent or a scorpion or a centipede. In the short story "The Mark of Vishnu", he brings out the differences of opinion between the young and the old. The snake had bitten him at that very place.

He would be satisfied to see the empty saucer, the next morning. It quickly made for the banana groove.

What is it that Khuswant Singh is trying to convey through his story

He bent down before the cobra as a mark of respect. He placed the saucer with milk near threshold. He noticed the V-mark on his forehead. Its titular story is an integral part of primary school curricula in India. He got ready to put the snake into the bottle of spirit. But the snake was a snake.

He was a religious man.

It is a strange irony of fate that the same Kala Nag whom Gunga Ram feeds with milk daily, worships and holds sacred bits him and ends his life.

This annoyed Gunga Ram. The milk he offered to the cobra was drunk by a cat. Armed with long bamboo sticks, the boys surrounded it. They put it in a biscuit tin. Though he loves and reveres Kala Nag, but his love and reverence emanate from the superstition and improper comprehension of his deity.

It hissed and bit Gunga Ram all over his head and face. The poison blinded him instantly. He had brought a saucer of milk for the snake. He believed that all life was sacred.Book Review of The Mark of Vishnu by Khushwant Singh The Mark of Vishnu by Khushwant Singh summary.

The Mark of Vishnu has ratings and 13 reviews. Avinash said: Khushwant Singh is truly the king of Indian Short Story circuit. He paints his character /5. The Mark of Vishnu By Khushwant Singh Full Summary and Character Sketch in English Language.

Introduction of the Story The Mark of Vishnu In the present “The Mark of Vishnu by Khushwant Singh”, the author pin points how ignorant and superstitious people believe that all life is sacred.

Basically, Khuswant Singh wants to convey the irony of one's beliefs in The Mark Of Vishnu. In the story, Gunga Ram is a devotee of Vishnu. Vishnu is the preserver and protector of creation. For Gunga Ram, all living things are to be revered and cherished, even dangerous animals.

The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories is a book written by Khushwant Singh. Its titular story is an integral part of primary school curricula in India.

Its titular story is. THE MARK OF VISHNU 1. Gunga Ram is a Hindu in the Brahmin caste (the highest caste, though he’s a servant in a household).

The Mark of Vishnu: Stories

He believes that if he pours milk into a saucer every night, it will be gone in the morning, and the snake won’t harm anyone in the house (the snake lives beneath the house)/5(1).

The mark of vishnu summary
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