The reasons why poor kids cant acquire elite college admissions

They should not be discounted in response to media critique or disparagement.

The Real Reasons Why Low-Income Students Don’t Apply To Elite Universities

Here are five reasons gifted teens consider a highly challenging college and they are not what most people assume. This behavior is not exclusive to gifted children, though; it happens everywhere. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

I have no stake in the game with this commentary. But that does not mean the smaller, less prestigious ones are letting their students down. When I came to apply, my list was short until my high school guidance counselor breezily informed me that the fees could be waived. And it is a comfort and a relief to find like-minded peers who feel the same way.

Many believe that they finally might be able to rekindle that intrinsic love of learning lost long ago. Applying to these institutions is viewed with suspicion, and perceived as merely a stepping stone to Wall Street. Five reasons gifted teens pursue admission to elite colleges It is time to dispel the speculation and myths about college choices.

Follow her on Facebook: It means having access to a vehicle that is spacious, and up to a long journey. Although some mask their abilities to fit in, others never feel they belong. The heightened competition can bring out the worst in families and communities.

School seems built for other kids - the athletes, the popular kids, the students who appear to thrive with the education that is offered. Even now, I am grateful for her help, but also aware that not every talented student in my high school was offered this hidden assistance.

Some of these factors will require larger societal fixes.

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But the lack of economic diversity on prestigious campuses will not be solved by better marketing. Every student deserves to attend a college that challenges him. I attended state universities for both of my undergrad and graduate degrees, so I have no personal "attachment" to elite colleges.

Some of the critics may not have had personal experience with these schools, may be responding to an encounter that went awry, and may be cherry-picking information to support their opinions. Unfortunately, some critique moves beyond the colleges and targets the applicants, themselves.

But dismissing such a choice as a quirk that must be explained sweeps financial hardship under the rug. When I was seventeen, I thought any college degree was an achievement: Elite colleges are much maligned for their sticker price, which unfortunately shuts out upper middle class students from aid.

Success in life does not depend on attending a highly competitive college.Getting accepted to an elite college has never been more difficult. So to all the young women who got in this year I say: Great job!

You earned it. 5 Ways Elite-College Admissions Shut Out Poor Kids: NPR Ed Athletic scholarships, campus visits and other factors work against high-achieving low-income students, a new report says. A poor man is like a foreigner in his own country.-Ali ibn Abi Talib.

50 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Attend an Elite College

Yesterday, there were three pairs of boots on my roommate's bed, ordered online to try on for size and send back. 50 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Attend an Elite College By Lynn O'Shaughnessy on August 3, in California universities, Colleges, Ivy League, Universities The college admission season hasn’t even officially started, but I’ve already been hearing from parents who are stressed about paying for elite schools that are on.

The Real Reasons Why Low-Income Students Don’t Apply To Elite Universities institutions work hard to help poor but talented students stay in college. Some argue that low-income students are. Mar 22,  · If I told you that smart kids from low-income households get screwed by the college admissions system, you'd no doubt believe me.

But what's surprising is .

The reasons why poor kids cant acquire elite college admissions
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