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The Natural Economic Thesis advanced guestbook 2.3.2. Nor do the borrowers get anything like "capital" from the bank. Above all, they are quite in line with modern monetary economics which says that money saves information and transaction costs and thus economizes economic communication: Transaction Costs in the Money Economy If money is introduced into the economy, then a new artificial good with characteristic properties appears on the markets.

NeuMoNe accounts, however, are suited to represent positive as well as negative liquid neutral money balances: Some Technical Details 5. Since lenders typically dispose of dispensable money they will still intend to "save": The bank let us call it "N-Bank" has the chance to attract new clients who expect to profit from the NeuMoNe banking services.

Acebyte Utilities Pro 2. By offering to the potential transactors monetary transaction services that are cheaper than those of current money one can expect that through this service the Neutral Money Network NeuMoNe financial innovation will win the competition against current money.

Therefore it can be quite profitable for them to avoid the cost of additional riches by holding costfree bonds, even if the bonds yield not interest.

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Thus, selling and buying, intermediated by money, is convenient and cost saving. Rather they subsist on their personal ability and capacity to work. It is part of the "resistance in our minds" that we believe in the "productivity of capital" whereas, in fact, this alleged productivity of financial or other "capital" exhausts itself in incentives for abstaining from real activities on the supply side and in punishments for engaging in activities on the demand side of "capital".

And, correspondingly, we must be aware that "saving" in our minds may be seen as something which it generally is not, and that we are led astray by the terminology used and by the associations induced by that terminology.

Hence, negative balances are to be charged with liquidity costs, too, in a way which is symmetric to the liquidity costs imposed on positive N-money balances. Another important part of persuasion, and whether you write: Enough "Capital" without Interest Another objection, closely related to the first, is: Interest is, and must always be, the price which allocates financial resources.

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For this loan money the client must pay interest as usual. But money does not merely save information and transaction costs. And just like the bank, which profits from the interest that substantially exceeds the cost of its money issuance, now the lender in his role as quasi-issuer of money profits from the fact that the interest earnings substantially exceed the cost of the procedure of "not spending" and "lending" the money.

There has been no need to use this term up to now because the phenomena could be grasped and described sufficiently in terms of individuals, goods, information, transactions and, most important, information and transaction costs.

The thesis evaluation of some background knowledge. However, we have also just observed novel difficulties for individuals who need to transact, namely the difficulty to acquire the money without which Thesis advanced guestbook 2.3.2 transaction channels remain closed for them, and their planned transactions cannot be executed.

Hence the costs incurred to increase efficiency and productivity by employing newly issued money are costs, not of "capital", but of the transaction which leads to that physical "capital". Assume an exchange economy where a central bank is created to print and issue money. It is the productivity of a more efficient system of information and transaction which brings forth more wealth.

For this purpose we shall first look at an economy without exchange, then at a barter economy and, at last, at the costs and the profits that arise when money is introduced into the economy. Thus, whoever begins with the practical work and then has a desire for more ideas and stimulation should consult Stamp Scrip.This is a navigational combo box that shows a deCombo box with description is multi-platform compatible.

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The Neutral Money Network (NeuMoNe) Saving of Transaction Costs Money as Prerequisite for Transactions Novel Transaction Impediments In a money economy with advanced division of labour and consumption, we may state that self-supply becomes nearly impossible.

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Thesis advanced guestbook 2.3.2
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