Trends influence in nursing practice

Whether it is continuing as a clinician or a transition into systems leadership, with the proper education and real-world experience, nurses are positioned to be the leaders as health care transforms.

Three questions were asked: The National Academies Press. In such cases, nurses must be guided by professional codes of ethics, both general and specific to their area of practice.

Test content outlines of two examinations included environmental science: With the focus on preventive healthcare increasing, nurses need to become familiar with Trends influence in nursing practice in that area and coordinate with other healthcare professionals.

The Affordable Care Act will require nurses to handle patients who had avoided healthcare before getting insurance. Professional associations can have a major influence on the integration of environmental health concepts into general and specialty nursing practice, and they must be considered in strategies for altering nursing practice to include environmental health issues.

10 Nursing Trends to Watch in 2015

They identify and address practice issues and lead the nursing community with respect to improved, expanded, and advanced practice and education. The ABOHN certification exam has integrated environmental health concepts into the certifying examination.

NCLEX does not directly measure the environmental health science content of the nursing curriculum, although test items may reflect nursing knowledge secondary to the understanding of underlying environmental factors.

What are the trends influencing nursing practice?

Nursing Trends and Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

In the future, recognition as an advanced practice nurse may require both certification and licensure. Leaders must recognize that education is necessary to make technology user-friendly for all nurses. ABOHN has not compiled data to substantiate the need for developing a certification examination in environmental health separate from an examination in occupational health.

Managers need to leverage their contributions and keep them in the workplace. Nurses will need to keep pace with technological advances in the field especially those that aid their work. Whether the Electronic Record or the operating room, technology is an integral part of patient care and the practice.

First, our profession is struggling to identify an educational requirement for entry to practice. Along with these trends, health services research has documented a statistically significant relationship between the level and mix of nursing staff in hospitals and patient outcomes Prescott, Bowers reports that ANCC has not gathered data to substantiate or refute the need for a certification program in environmental health nursing and has no current plan to offer such an examination Bowers, Just think of everything that nurses of the future will learn and accomplish.

Tied closely to these efforts is the concern for controlling health care costs. Page 55 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Six content domains make up the examination blueprint, one of which is labeled "health and environment relationships.

Professional societies can provide relevant educational opportunities and help identify mechanisms for increasing the level of integration of environmental health concepts into practice.Trends in Nursing.

Trends in nursing are closely tied to what is happening to healthcare in general. Trends are fascinating phenomena, but they do not exist in vacuums.

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How have these trends influenced your perspective of nursing practice? How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice?

Identify at least three trends in nursing practice from the “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events” media piece. For the premier issue of American Nurse Today, we decided to examine current trends in nursing and healthcare, and predict future developments that could influence nursing in years to come.

For help with our analysis and predictions, we turned to several nursing experts and leaders, as well as pharmacy and future studies experts.

Some of the trends that are expected to influence and that are influencing nursing practice are: 1. An aging population requires nurses to be well-versed in caring for older patients.

This paper will discuss how nursing theory will continue to influence nursing professions, evidence-based practice trends in healthcare and future of nursing and the roles of nurses with research and how the new roles and opportunities.

Increased access to technology has been among the most important nursing trends for many years running, but it continues to be an important aspect of the job. Innurses can expect to see a continued reliance on portable and mobile technology as well as an emphasis on telemedicine, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

Trends influence in nursing practice
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