Worst professions to date

Fifth, are CEOs and those in top management positions. These men are smooth talkers who can get you to do anything. Unless you are in it for the money, and the small fame that you will receive once or twice a year when such types tag you along to state functions, they will try as much as possible not to be seen with you in public.

Also the profession seems to attract self-indulgent and narcissistic personalities. Coaches, model scouts, models and trainers Many women are of the view that coaches, model scouts, models and trainers are among the worst men to Worst professions to date because they see many beautiful, fit women daily.

Need I say more? Luckily, that has enabled me to learn a few things here and there. Last but not least we have, eh, men of God.

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These guys are smooth operators, they use hook and crook to woo women. Or is it that most crooks happen to be lawyers?

The Best & Worst Professions to Marry

Some of us can smell a keeper or loser miles away! They are following their passion most of the time, writing books, and there is always the possibility of sabbatical to take your family to far-flung locations while he does his research.

They know people believe in them, thus they find it very easy to confuse other women besides their own girlfriends and wives.

Gone are the days where doctors made the big bucks. Worst professions to marry: With two parents who are lawyers, countless friends who are in the profession, and at least one good friend who was called home from his honeymoon to service a client, I speak from experience. Pilots The stress of being airborne for hours will more than likely see pilots seeking stress-breakers in the arms of women in just about any country they land.

15 Professions You Don’t Want Your Future Husband To Work In

Stay away from the lawyers if you can, ladies! Lawyers are among some of the worst possible men to marry. Tales abound of their escapades and other conquests in foreign lands. There is a reason why so many surgeon marriages end. But just about every woman questioned believe police officers are the worst professional men to date.

Do you like to be constantly psychoanalyzed, told you have such and such disease, and belittled? Who can resist bulging muscles and a man who knows how to fix things?

These men are the typical strapping blue collar types that many women go ga-ga for. They will cheat on you, and still smartly defend and argue themselves out of the matter. They have wild oats sprouting all over town. Yes, you read it right.Worst professions to marry: Psychiatrist: Do you like to be constantly psychoanalyzed, told you have such and such disease, and belittled?


If so, by all means, marry a shrink. My little, ehh, how do I call it without sounding like a bad girl, ‘experience’ with men, has helped me understand that, indeed, a man’s profession says a.

Many women will tell you that they'd never date men in certain professions; the three above are often listed among the worst.

They'll tell you that dating these men is setting yourself up for heartbreak, as they are known, for the most part, for being unable to resist temptation from the many women they'll come into contact with because of their jobs.

Sewage workers. There might be something worse in the future, but "to date" that is the worst. I'll show myself out. Here are the worst professions to marry due to busy work schedules, the stress that comes with these jobs and the way they impact relationships.

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Worst professions to date
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