Writing a person specification hotel

Vividly explaining the benefits of staying in an upgraded room can even entice travel shoppers to upgrade! If not, they could possibly be discriminatory.

Key things to consider for a person specification

It clarifies the two types of personal qualifications important to the employer, essential and desirable. Attend to all routes of room bookings, such as online, phone, and in person, to ensure that reservations are not left hanging but attended to promptly to keep the hotel business running Report issues of maintenance and malfunctioning appliances to the manager for quick repair in order to ensure guests comfort and satisfaction.

One of the ways we set our hotel apart from the competition is by trying to tell this story and we do this through compelling rich media which is, of course, photos and videos, with accompanying text descriptions. This is as opposed to writing a general job description. As the person guests meet first, the receptionist is conversant with the latest pricing rates in the hotel, and informs guest of current special offers and promotions in order to increase revenue and win more customers.

Recruitment agencies are experts in creating person specifications. Requirements — Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the Hotel Receptionist Position The skills, knowledge, and other qualities expected of the hotel receptionist include the following: Clarify for all Take some care over the words and phrases you use.

Someone who has no formal qualifications may have worked previously in a relevant sector and developed the necessary skills and knowledge. It may be that your perfectly reasonable job description simply reads badly or sets the wrong tone. The first step is to advertise the role with clear and accurate information about the position available.

Travel shoppers are known not to spend too much time on a page. As the first person whom guests come in contact with, the role of the receptionist is to give clients a remarkable first impression about the hotel, and welcomes them warmly with a broad smile as they make their reservations.

Advantages of the personal specification While clarifying the job on offer it also enables potential applicants to more clearly determine whether they are capable of meeting the requirements of the job, thereby reducing unsuitable candidates at an early stage The specification ensures all candidates are judged systematically on the same criteria and ensures that your selection decisions can be justified using objective criteria should they be called into question at a later stage.

Maintain orderliness at the front desk by arranging documents accordingly and keeping the front desk area clean at all times to avoid rowdiness.

Indirect discrimination is not illegal, provided it can be objectively justified. As our Best Practices: A beautiful picture does show many things to a travel shopper but can it show free high-speed Wi-Fi?

Therefore, they must have their ears on the ground at all times to know what is happening to be able to keep records and answer questions related to activities at the hotel.

Roles need to be filled and you want to find the best person for the job, but it can be hard to pinpoint the exact requirements.

How do I put together a person specification?

Find out the tests you will be needing to take for the position you are applying for; get lots of success proven Practice materials to prepare with now: This allows them to match themselves according to suitability and not just skills.

In other cases it may be that it would be impossible to carry out certain tasks without having been trained to do them. Sure way to make high scores in job tests. For example, if your specification required someone with excellent computer skills as being essential to the role then you would only need to give a brief induction to the computer systems of your business.

In all cases, you need to determine whether a specific qualification is the only way that a candidate could demonstrate that they are able to do the job. Build good relationship and rapport with guests to make them feel comfortable and address any complaints they might have in a very courteous manner to protect the image of the hotel.

Inform guests of the services and accommodation rates in the hotel, make reservations for guests according to their needs, and also make sure that all reservations cancelled are effected immediately to avoid confusion. They serve as the backbone of the hotel manager and are responsible for diligently recording all reservations and bookings made by guests and presenting them to the manager for record keeping and account balancing to know the level of business development in the hotel.

Instead of judging on amount of years the candidate can be asked to show experience in a particular task. How do I put together a person specification? A hotel receptionist is a trained staff whose duties include welcoming guests to the hotel, making reservations for them and attending to their other needs that are instrumental to their comfort during their stay at the hotel.Specification writing The process of specification writing, conducted in parallel with design and drawing work, helps create the proper balance between client, statutory, technical and aesthetic requirements.

Leonardo is a technology company serving the global hospitality industry. We provide e-marketers at hotel brands, management companies, hotel properties and travel websites with technology solutions that improve the way they present their hotels online to travel shoppers.

Advertising a job and interviewing candidates

The Grand View Hotel is a rooms establishment in which are double rooms and 50 are king bedded rooms, all includes private bathroom. The rooms are of a good size, comfortable and with different decorative styles.

May 08,  · How to Write a Technical Specification Three Parts: Assessing General Considerations Creating the Specification Completing the Specification Community Q&A A technical specification is a document that defines a set of requirements that a product or assembly must meet or exceed%(21).

Job Description Writing Guide - 3 - Job Duties The Job Duties section is the foundation of the Job Description. It conveys the complexity, scope, and level of. The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Effective Job Descriptions IV. Writing the Job Description Content Appendices a. Action Words b.

Sample Job Description – UIC Academic Professional not how the job is handled by the person who happens to be in it. The job description should never restrict supervisors from assigning additional duties not.

Writing a person specification hotel
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